Random Awesomeness: Thomas Albdorf and Hansson & Thorsby

General View investigates conceptions of a new reality that continuously departs from the indexical referent towards an ever-changing rendering of a world that is yet still routed in the photographic image. Inspired by photographs of Yosemite National Park – one of the most intensely mediated nature sites on earth, the series toys with the question regarding the necessity of traveling to a place that has been photographed innumerable times, the need to record additional photographs”.

Damn Son Where Did You Find This? is the first book ever to focus on the cover art of the modern US hiphop mixtape. A visual world that reached unseen levels at the turn of the millennium, uncensored, unregulated and extreme, it is a the most anarchic of all genres of graphic design. Freed from major label guidelines, lawyer opinions and moral hindrances the designers featured in Damn Son Where Did You Find This? are truly unique, something that is hard to come by in today’s global world of intertwined visual tendencies”.